Monster Couch is an independent development studio and publisher based in Poznan, Poland. Founded in 2016, it creates ambitious games that you can play together with friends. It also helps creative indie developers bring their games to consoles.


Early history

Die for Valhalla! was our first game as a team, we have since helped ship console versions of a number of games.


When the board game was released in 2019, it took the world by storm. To the point that Golden Geek Awards rules needed to be adjusted, because Wingspan won half of the categories. When I reached out to Jamey Stegmaier - the publisher - in January 2019, this was still yet to happen, but we’ve heard enough about the concept to jump head-first into creating its digital counterpart. This version not only preserves the original’s look and feel, but builds upon it to enhance the relaxing experience. The birds now sing with their real life sounds and interesting pieces of information are available on each and every species in the game. The goal to create something special, based on the original, is what;s been driving us from the very beginning. It’s been quite a while since we set out on this journey, but we’re not stopping here.



Wingspan - Launch trailer YouTube

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Selected Articles

  • "I don't know if I'd die for Valhalla, but I certainly didn't mind wasting a dozen hours defending it."
    - Wes Tacos, Destructoid
  • "Die For Valhalla! is a successful mix of several genres that mainly presents itself as a lengthy side-scrolling beat-'em-up and just like the majority of such games is best enjoyed with friends along the way."
    - Gonçalo Lopes, Nintendo Life
  • "Thea: The Awakening is one of the most impressive indie titles from recent years, and it has found an ideal platform on the Nintendo Switch."
    - Matt S., Digitally Downloaded

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